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"Working with Stas is like a creativity infusion combined with a spa day. His work delights and engages - spot on brand - and his professionalism and process take all the stress out of creative productions."

Lindsay  Donnelly, The Smart Feed


The creative spark behind the MavMedia production team is Anastasi “Stas” Mavrides. Stas brings years of studio and location shooting experience, as well as editing post-production expertise.  

Working with a group of talented local videographers, Stas has assembled a seasoned team on both coasts that can expertly handle a wide-range of video production projects from the very big to the very small:

•  Documentary-style interviews

•  Cinematic-style visual product stories

•  Colorful, attention-grabbing promotional pieces

• "Explainer" videos with graphic motion effects

•  Drone video and photo capture

•  All aspects of live events coverage and Zoom-room style set-ups.

Stas also offers PODCAST AUDIO EDITING and production and sound design options. A multi-faceted composer, musician & music producer he has scored soundtracks for broadcast commercials, documentary films and mobile gaming applications.


Producer/Director Stas Mavrides

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