A Marin County-based audio-visual company, MavMedia has been shooting and editing promotional and educational videos for Bay Area businesses and institutions since 2010.

The creative spark behind the MavMedia production team is Anastasi “Stas” Mavrides.

Working with a group of talented local videographers, Stas has assembled a seasoned team that can expertly handle a wide-range of video production projects from the very big to the very small:

•  documentary-style interviews

•  colorful, attention-grabbing promotional pieces

• "explainer" videos with graphic motion effects

•  all aspects of live events coverage.


Stas also brings abundance of audio experience to his client's video projects, offering music-editing and scoring-to-picture and sound design options. He is a multi-faceted composer, musician & music producer who has scored soundtracks for broadcast commercials, documentary films and mobile gaming applications.

Stas has produced four CD titles for the Sausalito, CA-based World-Music label Real Music, and is the creator of the award-winning Classical Child Series®, a whimsical CD collection of classical music for kids. (www.classicalchild.com).


Producer/Director Anastasi Mavrides

(415) 596-3518

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