A Marin County-based audio-visual company, MavMedia has been shooting and editing outstanding branded videos for Bay Area businesses and institutions since 2010.

Working with a group of talented local videographers, MavMedia has assembled a seasoned team that can expertly handle a wide-range of video production projects from the very big to the very small:

•  Documentary-style interviews

•  Cinematic-style visual product stories

•  Colorful, attention-grabbing promotional pieces

• "Explainer" videos with graphic motion effects

•  All aspects of live events coverage and Zoom-room style set-ups.

The creative spark behind the MavMedia production team is Anastasi “Stas” Mavrides. Stas brings years of studio and location shooting experience, as well as editing post-production expertise. 

He also offers  music-editing, scoring-to-picture and sound design options. A multi-faceted composer, musician & music producer he has scored soundtracks for broadcast commercials, documentary films and mobile gaming applications.


Producer/Director Anastasi Mavrides

Novato, CA

(415) 596-3518

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